Application Operation



Application Operation

IT managers are facing reduced budgets and increasing demand for better agility. To maintain and support large, complex, highly distributed, mission-critical applications is challenging. With over a decade of delivering business value and benefits through complex IT systems, Techspecialist guarantee your business critical applications’ availability, performance, business continuity in run-time and control the operations costs.

Our application operations are based on our best practices and industry standard ITIL service management processes. With our application operations, we secure good user experience by ensuring high availability, quick response times, and quality in terms of changes and change management.

Application Operation from Techspecialist provides cost-efficient, large-scale operations with an eye for detail as regards your applications. The professional way in which we run applications increases the value of these applications in your company by securing good availability and performance. Furthermore, you obtain control over costs through steered change management. This service gives you the following benefits:

  • Secure application operations without disruptions and interruptions
  • Guaranteed response times when using the application
  • Professional change management and change handling
  • Automated operating procedures with monitoring and alerts
  • Total responsibility and follow-up of faults or queries from registration to resolution and feedback
  • Quick troubleshooting and administration of applications in close cooperation with the server and database administrators
  • Increased profits through: lower costs better availability and more satisfied users
  • Management of third party suppliers

We provide custom application operations for each application in your portfolio, from the simple standard applications to the complex and business-critical solutions. Techspecialist runs round the clock operations, manned by expert resources. As one of the fastest growing IT firms in Nigeria, we have the best access to expertise in terms of third party suppliers, such as Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, SAP and technology platforms like SOA, Java and .Net. Application Operation is delivered in accordance with the ITIL framework, version 3.