Business Integration Solution



Business Integration Solution

As information technology changes, your IT management and staffing needs may change. Techspecialist accelerates business integration by simplifying it dramatically – eliminating custom integration code, and replacing it with the straightforward assembly and configuration of off-the-shelf components. We provide everything necessary to achieve real-time, near-real-time, or batch integration more quickly and easily than competing tools and the "roll-your-own" approach.

Our Business Integration Solution gives you the ability to integrate the diverse data and information sources both within and outside your enterprise into a single coherent framework. An integrated information infrastructure can then be shared by mission-critical applications such as CRM, executive information portals, and automated supply chain systems.

Whether your data is stored in legacy sources such as Adabas, VSAM, or IMS, relational sources such as DB2, Oracle, or SQL Server, analysis cubes such as Hyperion Essbase, or ERP systems such as SAP or PeopleSoft, Our Software’s business integration solutions can access these systems natively in real time, and tie the information together in a usable, unified network.

Our solution reduces the cost and time for development and deployment of BI applications, while providing powerful, scalable, enterprise-wide business intelligence solutions. It is the only solution that enables every process involved in creating and delivering interactive, actionable information, including:

  • Accessing all of your current information assets, including legacy and relational data sources, cubes, data warehouses, and data marts
  • Providing visuals, advanced formatting, and output options such as charts, Excel spreadsheets, and Adobe PDF documents, and performing complex calculations
  • Processing requests quickly, intelligently, and efficiently
  • Delivering real-time actionable information anytime, anywhere via Web, e-mail, and mobile devices to employees, managers, partners, and customers

Techspecialist offers innovative IT solutions with the following benefits:

  • The integration of different systems optimizes your business processes and helps creating higher value
  • With innovative solutions – used correctly – you are securing the future of your company
  • By integrating new IT solutions into the existing IT landscape, you are protecting your existing investments
  • With our extensive knowledge of technology, we can give you expert advice at any time and implement best-in-class solutions
  • Through neutral and manufacturer-independent consulting, we create best fitting and cost effective solutions
  • Our many years of project experience stand for reliability
  • Full-service collaboration allows the establishment of long-term partnerships

….We strengthen your competitive advantage through business innovation.