IT Infrastructure



IT Infrastructure

i. IT Infrastructure & Management

IT Infrastructure & Management provide the foundation for all IT services of any organization. When well designed and maintained, an IT infrastructure can support business users, applications, and external services, all delivering business value.

At Techspecialist, we help you strategically assess, organize and lead the IT Infrastructure and Operations areas delivering more scalable, resilient, and cost-effective computing environments.

We build and manage a highly available, reliable IT infrastructure that will meet your dynamic business needs. We also leverage our expertise in new-generation transformation models such as IaaS, PaaS and SaaS to provide you with our IT Infrastructure Services that will transform your IT landscape with effective infrastructure management solutions. Our solutions adhere to consistent delivery standards across the globe. Our services are delivered through the TCS Global Network Delivery Model™ (GNDM™) consistently and seamlessly across offshore, near-shore, and onshore locations. We help you exceed customer service level agreements (SLAs) by adopting ITIL industry standards and Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM), with our round-the clock, multilingual services.

Our process excellence team drives innovation and continuous service improvement, leveraging systematic improvement plans and Lean Six Sigma initiatives to reduce incidents and problems. With our standardized global delivery processes, you accelerate implementation time, realize quicker return on investments (ROI), and achieve business goals.

Our IT Infrastructure Services Offerings and Tools include:

  • Data Centre Management
  • Network Operation Centre Management
  • End User Computing Services
  • Enterprise Systems Management
  • Coverage Network
  • Service Management
  • Service Desk
  • Application Management
  • Managed Security

ii. Network & Communication Services

Our network services extend from on-premise network design and optimization through to the global delivery of a fully hosted, cloud-enabled collaboration suite. For inter-site communications, we deliver a carrier-class network infrastructure combining cost competitiveness and security with high performance. An innovative alternative to traditional networks, our cloud connectivity services are based on an aggregate bandwidth pricing model. And our cloud communication services offer consumption-based voice and unified communication applications hosted in the cloud, including Hosted Voice over IP, Collaboration, Contact Centre and Mobile Device Management.

Thanks to our strong heritage in telecoms and network services, we are well placed to help you intelligently manage your network, communication and collaboration infrastructure as you capitalize on the efficiency gains of unified communications, cloud computing and convergence.

iii.Data Centre Service

Many IT organizations face a number of data center challenges: to deliver the right IT service levels to users, provide IT infrastructure quickly to support new business initiatives, reduce operational costs, lower environmental impact and ensure IT compliance with legislation and regulations. These objectives can be hard to achieve without specialist assistance.

We can help you realize your goals. With our practical advice, you can chart the best way forward, building on our experience as one of the world’s largest data center service providers.

At each step of your journey, our resources are on hand to complement your in-house expertise. We work with you to optimize IT infrastructure, IT control centers or data centers. Alternatively, we can manage your IT systems and data centers to achieve the service levels and efficiencies you require.

Why choose us to manage your data center?

Power Solutions
Our DC power solutions ensure organizations save power even in period and places where power from major sources are considered to be scarce and very expensive. In collaboration with our partners, we offer a wide range of power quality solutions for the next-generation datacenters designed to meet the power needs of both enterprise and business IT systems.
  • Design, installation and maintenance of datacenter AC and DC power systems for datacenters.
  • Design, installation and maintenance of uninterrupted power supplies (UPS)
  • Design, installation and maintenance of other peripheral power distribution units for racks, server and others.

Cooling Solution
At Techspecialist, we understand how critical and relevant the cooling system is to the datacenter. Therefore, we ensure that the cooling system is to the datacenter. Therefore, we ensure that the cooling system for your datacenter is well designed to ensure power flow of temperature, humidity and pressure within the DC environment. Leveraging on the experience of renowned and industry-leading partners in the datacenter cooling business, we can guarantee an optimal computing environment that will save power, reduce cost and give the required longevity of the resources in the datacenter.
  • Ability to adapt the cooling systems easily and seamlessly with increasing deployment of new IT hardware in the datacenter
  • Provide cooling systems that are flexible, redundant and scalable in order to guarantee steady performance
  • Reduce datacenter lifecycle costs by deploying a well pre-engineered, standardized and modular cooling solution.
  • <;\li>Ability to predict if the datacenter cooling system will be sufficient to sustain future load.

Datacenter Monitoring Solution (DMS)
Our datacenter monitoring solutions are designed to assist organizations have proactive and cognitive monitoring for all datacenter elements, thus assisting with the significant reduction of operational costs resulting from unforeseen system failures and downtimes.

The challenge of operating a datacenter 24x7 still poses a nightmare for most DC operators. While datacenter availability is important, the cost of ensuring a datacenter is always up may be too expensive to justify the need for a datacenter. These huge cost implications require the datacenter owners must become more proactive addressing efficiency and maintaining adequate availability and usability of the datacenter resources over a long period of time. To achieve this, there’s need for proactive monitoring with intelligence and can report on real-time activities within the datacenter.

Techspecialist offers a wide range of DMS solutions that provide clients the benefits of visually managing their datacenter efficiently and effectively with an opportunity to optimize their DC facilities.

  • Measurement of airflow and temperature in a production environment, providing real-time, colour-coded visibility into a datacenter operating environment.
  • Graphical displays in form of maps that can show the distribution of temperature, humidity and pressure within the datacenter. Each specific map helps identify areas of overcooling, humidity throughout the facility, and pressure differential between raised floor spaces and air delivery channels.
  • With branch circuit monitoring, operators have the ability to monitor power usage, equipment provisioning and capacity planning.
  • Allows smooth convergence between IT managers and facility managers. The IT manager can efficiently manage their IT resources within the datacenter and perhaps have visibility to other facility resources that the IT resources depend on to function appropriately.

Datacenter Management Solution
In today’s Internet world, the need to manage datacenters from remote locations have become more imperative than the need to manage these datacenter resources locally. DC operators can have remote access to resources within the DC quickly and effectively. These resources can include servers, networking devices, PDUs, cooling systems, storage devices and other mission-critical equipment.
  • Provide a central point with a single interface where issues with datacenter elements can be timely resolved.
  • Reduces downtimes within the datacenter by enabling quick access to possible failed elements in the datacenter from a remote location.
  • Integrate easily with existing system and network access control systems and protocols like LDAP, AD, Radius, TACACS+ etc. providing an additional protection for datacenter elements.
  • Integrated audit logging and reporting capability allows for effective monitoring of daily activities within the datacenter.
  • Datacenter Structured Cabeling
    Infrastructure cabling forms the very basic foundation for most IT networks, and hence forms the core on which all other IT business related matters depend. Thus, a well-designed, installed, and administered cabling infrastructure will not only assist organizations reduce costs through each phase of the structured cabling lifecycle-installation, moves, adds, and modify- but will also improve productive hours of employees through reduced network downtimes, which in turn will translate to customers having confidence in the ability of the organizations to deliver quality and highly-available services.

    We specialize in the design, installation and support of communications cabling and networking systems. We adopt the most cost-effective approach in design and installation of cabling infrastructure solutions for large and complex communications networks.

    Our cabling infrastructure solutions are fashioned to meet our customers’ fast-paced and ever-changing requirements, and thus ensuring our customers get excellence around every lifecycle process of the solution.