Technology Advisory Services

We understand credible advice is at the heart of informed growth / investment decision making. In today’s market, it is important to ensure decisions are based on objective and stress-tested analysis, coupled with local knowledge and deep industry insights. It is imperative that organisations operating in Nigeria have an advisory partner who understands their unique geography, industry and business challenges. At Techspecialist Consulting Limited, we focused on helping our clients innovate, grow, improve quality, minimise costs and leverage talent. We do this with global expertise, delivered locally, working in partnership with you.

 We support our clients by helping them use Information Technology (IT) to achieve their business objectives. It is a “client side” service, based on the provision of independent professional advice, typically to a Chief Information Officer (CIO) or the IT team

Our Advisory Approach

  • Identify high level organizational goals, objectives and the role technology should play in achieving them
  • Assess the current state of technology resources, applications and infrastrucutre deployments
  • Develop an IT strategy that is aligned with and complements your organisational strategy
  • Develop an agenda to add, replace or relocate technology applications and system components. We work with you to identify, prioritise, design, and better manage your technology investments
  • Mobilize Resources to meet the specified objectives embodied in the organizational strategy
  • Observe, record and compare the output against initial objectives and expected outcome
  • Revalidate and continuously improve on strategic plan as the organisational needs evolve