The case flow management is the coordination of court processes and resources so that court cases progress in a timely fashion from filing to disposition. e-Judiciary portal addresses the need for setting the case disposition time standard, early court intervention and continuous court control of case progress, use of differentiated case management establishing meaningful pretrial events and schedule, maximizing dispositions before setting specific trial dates, monitoring case load information systems and effective post-disposition.

Tech E-judiciary portal solution is designed for an e-justice system, an electronic caseflow management solution developed in order to ensure fast, reliable, and accurate judicial system. The Application is developed by using the most updated technology and methodologies. As a central information system it covers all of the judicial institutions and other court administrative departments with the aim of improving the functioning and efficiency of the judiciary and to create an effective and less bureaucratic judicial system for the concerned institutions and individuals. The solution enables all the Judicial units within a judicial system to connect to each other by a secure network and given access to legal sources such as legislation, case law, bulletins and circulars.

Our Tech E-Judiciary Portal system is a web-based application built on .NET platform. It has been implemented using database based on Microsoft SQL Server 2012. It is modular with facilities for customization and ease of use functionality. Its availability to open code sources and standard technologies for end users enable us to develop independent, integrated and cost effective and customized e-portal application for our clients. With the e-judiciary portal, Judges can reach to the system by VPN technology from their houses with their laptop, facilitating their preparation and research for trials and the writing of judgments. Central database will be set up in order to collect and share all data effectively and economically to be called up by judges and court staff when needed rather than local ones which can cause data duplication and discrepancies.

Tech E-judiciary is a comprehensive, secured and web-based platform for real-time managing, processing and monitoring of court cases and events. The application supports caseflow management through creation and maintenance of records concerning case processing and schedules, structuring management of pre-trial, trial, and post-dispositional events, conferences, and hearings; monitoring case progress; flagging cases for staff and judge attention; enabling verbatim records of court proceedings; and providing needed management information and statistics. It also supports mobile apps such as ipads, androids, smartphones etc.

Judicial branch supervision and management is imperative to manage the time and events involved in the life of a case, this is one of the focus of the solution. It also addresses all pretrial phases, trials, and all events that follow disposition, regardless of the disposition type. The solution makes justice possible both in individual cases and across court systems and seeks to ensure that every litigant receives procedural due process and equal protection.

Why use Case Flow System
  • Improve staff productivity in order to foster continuous growth and development of Judicial Process
  • Increase operational inefficiencies thereby making the Judiciary system enjoys the confidence of the public
  • Reduce the transaction and managerial costs Provision an on-line platform for filing and tracking of court cases by lawyers
  • Reduce/eliminate subjectivity in analysis and adjudicating of cases
  • Improve productivity through redesign, innovative and the enabling power of modern technology.