The fast-changing business landscape today requires enterprises to anticipate, react and evolve rapidly. The IT environment plays an increasingly critical role in business operations success where a reliable and scalable infrastructure allows enterprises to transform and compete effectively. Techspecialist addresses the unique needs of your enterprise through a combination of niche expertise and leading-edge technologies, delivered through a business model that best meets your requirements. Our infrastructure services offer the clients flexibility to determine what’s best for their IT environment through active consultation with a team of experienced professionals from Techspecialist. Enterprises can leverage on our resources and expertise to maximise their IT investment. The end result is an enterprise that is agile, focused, achieves greater value and exercises tighter cost controls.

All the services you need in one offering

Managed IT Services

Infrastructure monitoring and maintainance, all taken care off by our proffessional 24/7.


Network intrusion Prevention, malware protection and Data Back up, keeping your system safe.

IT Support and Consulting

IT insights, customizations, and long term planning, keeping you ahead of your competitors.

Cloud Services

Productivity, mobility, security – Cloud enhances all that while reducing cost.

Our Infrastructure Approach


Through a complete understanding of our client’s immediate and long-term business requirements, our team drafts an architectural design. This lays the groundwork for supporting your current needs, while also ensuring scalability to pursue future opportunities.


Accommodating devices and new capabilities without compromising network availability or performance is critical. Our engineers create a test methodology, design a limited version of the solution, and test it in a controlled environment. After assessing the solution’s architecture, operational status, and security, we identify and validate risks to determine if the design needs to be changed or enhanced.


As new solutions or applications are introduced to the production network; steps must be taken to ensure they are deployed in accordance with the overarching design. Our deployment services include the development of implementation plans, installation, configuration, integration, project management, post-implementation support, and ongoing knowledge transfer.


Our migration services take a systematic, priorities-based approach to refreshing your network infrastructure and continuing to update it in the future. A cornerstone to this approach is the careful management of cost and the mitigation of risks that could affect the business or production infrastructure.