Nigeria lose up to $390 billion in revenue over the past four decades due to corruption in contract procurement in various industries, most prominently the public sector, according to an October 2013 Energy Mix Report article.

Given the above, there is need to have a system that helps in managing organizational spending through efficient, transparent and cost-effective process of procuring goods and services thus, e-Procurement.

This is why we developed ProcureEase – an Electronic Procurement System designed to manage procurement process from requisition entry through to award of contract in an efficient, transparent and prudent manner to ensure optimal contract performance.

ProcureEase is an end-to-end system providing seamless integration into your existing corporate infrastructure and procurement process. It incorporates a best of breed approach to systems design and functionality.

Seamlessly linked to your existing website and reflecting your branding, ProcureEase will facilitate any public or select/private procurement activities including RFQs, RFTs, RFPs or EOIs.

You will have the option to deal only with your preferred suppliers or access only the suppliers who registered on your portal.

And because ProcureEase is integrated with the Corporate Affairs Commission and Federal Inland Revenue Database you will only do business with genuine companies that have been registered with the two bodies.

Since ProcureEase can be delivered and managed over the web, you won’t face a time-consuming and expensive software installation.

In fact, very little set up work is required by you. We handle the technical and design elements of establishing your tenders and quotes portal. We migrate your current suppliers into our system. We provide initial staff training.


Why use Procureease
  • Increased transparency! You’ll have complete oversight over what’s happening at each stage of the procurement process.
  • Greater probity standards! You’ll have a complete audit trail for every aspect of the process. You can evaluate responses against key criteria decided on and weighted before the documentation is released, enabling you to more fairly assess and grade.
  • Significantly easier, faster evaluation! Because you’ll have determined the weightings prior to release of the tender documents, evaluation will be simpler and more streamlined.
  • Requiring online form responses achieves greater consistency between responses, allowing evaluators to compare ‘apples with apples’ and make fairer assessments.
  • Less time! Your easy-to-use e-Procurement system is fully automated. That means you’ll spend considerably less time administering the tendering process, and you’ll eliminate the time you currently spend on collating and distributing hardcopy documentation.
  • Significant cost savings! Many of the advertising, printing and distribution costs associated with procurement will be greatly reduced. With ProcureEase portal, you can advertise all your bids and send notice to suppliers anytime.
  • No huge upfront costs! Our one-off implementation fee looks great compared to highly expensive software licenses or thousands of hours spent developing your own system.
  • A faster procurement cycle! Mailing will no longer be part of your headache, it is embedded in the procurement process. That means you can tailor your system to share information with your suppliers on status of bids and projects. This saves you time and means every supplier has the same, up-to-date information.
  • Happy suppliers! Your potential suppliers will find the submission process easier and faster when they can access your documentation and send their responses via your portal.
  • Checks and Balances! Our two-stage evaluation process allows for individual, then aggregated team scoring.