A few days ago, I was hanging out with an old friend Shola (not his real name), a procurement manager at one of the most prestigious government agencies in Abuja. He had just finished evaluating some bids with three members of his team. A very exhaustive exercise for those who understand what it entails however sadly for him and his team none of the bidders emerged as the winner. For this reason, he said they will have to repeat the whole process from solicitation to evaluation.  

I was surprised yet curious, so I asked why can’t they just invite the top three bidders, look at their track records viz a viz their commercial quote, then discuss the terms of reference with them in a bid to give one of them the job. I thought that would save them another 2-3 months of solicitation for bids, collection and collation, and then the bid evaluation. He rescinded and explained how pivotal their role is within the organization. According to him being a procurement manager means that you are overseeing the organization’s expenditures, with millions if not billions amount of money. Thus, you can’t afford to rely on experience, sentiments or guesswork. I couldn’t agree more with my friend but it was apparent he missed my point which I took time to explain to him and I thought I should share the same here.  

Don’t get me wrong the role of a procurement team in any organization is demanding, complex and exhausting however it is also fulfilling if you have access to the right toolkit which I will be introducing you to shortly. Aside being responsible for the millions and billions of Naira the company expend on their needs, the Procurement managers are also responsible for an ever-growing overload of data and complexity. With the stress of the verifying vendors, soliciting for bids, collecting and evaluating bids, tracking warehouse inventory and balancing the amount of detail against the gross margin savings demanded by the CFO, it’s no wonder procurement managers lay awake at night.

What if it could be different? What if procurement managers could uncover an innovation-driven by operational and data to transform and digitize procurement? That world is upon us. 

Permit me to introduce ProcureEase to you – a cloud-based e-procurement platform that combines the power of Automation and Advanced Analytics to promote digital procurement, reduce procurement cycle time, eliminate errors, improve vendor-buyer collaboration, and generate actionable insights from organization’s different lines of spend.

With ProcureEase you’ll have full visibility, control and management of your procurement spend while saving your employees and organization valuable time. The solution provides a streamlined approach to procurement from the initiation(bid solicitation) to evaluation and contract award. It also delivers quick ROI with built-in approval flows for requests and contract compliance. 

Just as my friend Shola said, it is the responsibility of Procurement managers to save company cost. However, we also understand leading companies and nations across the world are looking beyond just saving the cost of purchase from procurement, thus, it has now become more imperative for procurement to serve more business-driven functions, this is why the bed-rock of ProcureEase is data analytics. Which will enable Procurement managers as Shola at the click of a button visualize the track records and performance of vendors to be able to make inform decisions from the starting point to discern the kind of suppliers/consultants to invite for bids, what has been their track records in the industry, their level of statutory complaint and a lot more. Thus, time and energy wouldn’t have been expended on bidders who are not ‘responsive’ as my friend mildly put it. 

From my assessment of eProcurement Solutions, I found that ProcureEase has an amazing modularized feature with intuitive inter phases from Procurement Planning to Requisition and Evaluation. ProcureEase eliminates all the inherent challenges of manual procurement such as accidental purchases, duplicate orders, payment delays, engaging wrong vendors and overspending. It gives you complete visibility and accountability into organizational spending by cutting down unnecessary spending and keep your purchases within budget. 

Whether you want to improve your entire procurement planning and requisition process end-to-end, or you are looking to save cost for your organisation, ProcureEase delivers negotiated savings that improve your bottom line. 


Try out a demo here: procureease.ng  

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