Software Development

The world of software projects is filled with horror stories from clients. It’s common to hear of price gouging, language difficulties, and challenges managing employees, just to name a few. We’ve all heard them.

We understand the major challenges faced by most software projects, and we therefore build our strengths in these; from mastery of the best software tools to constant communication with our clients, setting client expectations with milestones, and engaging clients in frequent project review to elicit feedback and to ensure full participation and collaboration of our clients. This helps us and the client to clearly understand the goals and execute them in agreeable milestones.

Our Software Approach

Our client identifies a need or an opportunity and hence develop a Concept Proposal is created.

Feasibility Study

Then we define the scope or boundary of the concept. At this stage we develop the following documentation: System Boundary/Scope, Cost Benefit Analysis, Risk Management Plan, in addition to the Feasibility Study conducted.


We develop a Project Implementation Plan for the execution of the solution/concept. This provides the basis for acquiring the resources needed to achieve the solution.

Requirements Analysis

We analyze user needs and develop user requirements. At this stage we sit with our clients, listen and develop a detailed Functional & Technical specifications document (also known as a Software Requirements Specification).


We transform detailed requirements into complete, detailed Systems Design Document which focuses on how to deliver the required functionality.


We then convert a design into a complete information system. This includes acquiring and installing / developing and setting up systems environment; creating and testing databases; preparing test case procedures.

Integration and Test

we then demonstrate that developed system conforms to requirements as specified in the requirements document(s). At this stage we develop Test Analysis Reports, User Acceptance Testing with our Quality Assurance / Testing team.

Deployment / Implementation

Here we perform implementation of the system into a production environment, and resolution of issues identified in the Integration and Test Phases.


Prior to commencing operations we perform extensive end-to-end trainings. For this, we develop System & User Manuals.

Operations & Maintenance

At this point, we transition to operation and maintenance of information systems in a production environment. For this, we develop post-implementation and in-process reviews.

Sign off

Finally, we initiate Go-live activities and emphasis is given to on-going support of system and possible handing over.