For Governments, Public Sector Organizations, Non Profits and NGO’s, tight budgets and the need to do more with less aren’t the only challenges. Monitoring projects and evaluating contractors performance on projects is their major challenge.

Today, there are numerous abandoned projects especially community development projects as a result of poor monitoring and evaluation approach.

MEspecialist is a Monitoring and Evaluation software design to drive accountability and transparency, inform decision making about project design and management, and provide lessons learned for future projects. MEspecialist is an effective way to provide constant feedback on the extent to which projects are achieving their goals, improve project management and process planning, promote learning and understand different stakeholders’ perspectives.

M&E Offers
  • It provides the only consolidated source of information showcasing project progress;
  • it allows actors to learn from each other’s experiences, building on expertise and knowledge;
  • it often generates (written) reports that contribute to transparency and accountability, and allows for lessons to be shared more easily;
  • Identifies potential project problems at an early stage and gives the ability to propose possible solutions.
  • Recognizes how different approaches to participation affect outcomes, impact and reach.
  • It provides a basis for questioning and testing assumptions;
  • Gives the ability to establish and monitor quantitative and qualitative project objectives.
  • Monitors budget vs. actuals for project financials.
  • Provides access to project performance details to all constituents.
  • it provides a means for agencies seeking to learn from their experiences and to incorporate them into policy and practice;
  • it provides a way to assess the crucial link between implementers and beneficiaries on the ground and decision-makers;
  • Monitors the efficiency with which the different components of the project are being implemented and suggest improvements
  • Evaluates the extent to which the project is able to achieve its general objectives
  • Provides guidelines for the planning of future projects
  • Allows for reliable flow of information during implementation which enables manager to keep track of progress and adjust up-to-date operations accordingly
  • It adds to the retention and development of institutional memory;
  • It provides a more robust basis for raising funds and influencing policy.